The Nets and the Warriors in battle on the same free agent!

Despite the fact that calm has returned to the market, there are still some good deals left at this free agency. The Warriors and the Nets continue to scrutinize available players, and follow the same veteran! Nice battle in sight.

It’s been a few weeks since the free agency opened, and we can say that things have become quite calm again. That doesn’t mean the signings are finished, but the managers are now more selective when it comes to choosing a player. At the Lakers for example, a lot of tests in recent days, with 3 new targets in training.

It is not the only team which begins to scrutinize the market to finalize the roster, it is also the case of the other favorites. The Warriors or the Nets still have a little room before the resumption. A signing can take place today, or it will be the training camp that will make the difference in September.

At this little game, it is precisely Golden State and Brooklyn that will shake the market in the coming days. According to journalist Mike Singer, close to the Nuggets, the two title contenders have an interest in a veteran: Paul Millsap, who may not return to Denver next season due to the competition.

Last year, Inside was 9 points and 4.7 rebounds in 56 games in Colorado, including 36 as a starter. He therefore remains a very useful player, who especially wants to win a ring. It remains to be seen if he decides to change air after 4 years in Denver, or if he prefers to join another favorite.

Nets and Warriors have an interest in inside free agent Paul Millsap 👀

Paul Millsap is still on the market, but probably for a limited time. The interest is there to recruit the veteran, who should have the choice for his next team. It’s up to him to take the time to think it over.

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