The NBA refused to allow Alex Caruso to change his number…

We know: the NBA remains and will remain above all a business. In some cases, this aspect can take precedence over everything else, even when it concerns legends, dead in addition…

Thereby, during the Media Day of the Bulls, Alex Caruso explained that he had asked to change his number in view of the new season, in order to pay tribute to Bill Russellwho died in July and whose number 6 can no longer be worn by anyone in the league except by those who already wore it before his death.

The problem is that the request of the current number 6 of Chicago was simply rejected by the NBA!

The reason for this refusal is simple: Alex Caruso’s jersey is now part of the Top 75 of the most sold in the league. A change at the present time would thus make Nike lose too much money, the equipment supplier of the NBA, which has already produced many jerseys of Alex Caruso flocked with the number 6.

DeAndre Jordan also confirms that he will wear number 6

This situation is reminiscent of that experienced by LeBron James three years ago and, like his ex-teammate at the time, the Bulls player will indeed be able to change his number, but in only a year. Provided, of course, that he reiterates his will before next March, the deadline for number changes within a team.

Note however that Alex Caruso will not be the only one to wear the number 6 on the back of his shirt. Besides LeBron James (again) and him, there will actually be a dozen other players. Among which DeAndre Jordanwho confirmed during the Media Day of the nuggets that he wouldn’t give up his lucky number either.

This time, the financial aspect did not enter the equation, since « DAJ » wishes to pay a strong tribute to the  » pioneer What was Bill Russell through this choice, which he considers a mark of respect.

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