« The NBA is like wrestling, no one is really going to fight it »

Surprisingly, the confusion between players has increased this season. However, according to an athlete in the league, all this would only be wind … He also compared basketball players to wrestlers, in order to illustrate his point.

Winners recently of the Hornets (110-106), it is not however the Sixers who are remembered for their success. In fact, it was rather a rather heated streak between Andre Drummond and Miles Bridges that made the buzz during the meeting. The two men must have been separated after a probably not very poetic exchange, during the money time:

Miles Bridges cash on brawls between NBA players

If the scuffle did not last long, it necessarily recalled the incidents that occurred during the first quarter of the season. It is indeed not the first time in 2021-22 that players come almost to the hands on the floors, starting with the clash between Nikola Jokic and Markieff Morris which had turned to clan warfare. Later is the violent quarrel between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart which made the headlines for several days.

Now, it could be that all of this … is just flanking. This statement comes from none other than Bridges, who returned to the topic after the meeting ended. For the Buzz City winger, there is no need to worry: it is not tomorrow the day before that we will see NBA players smash their faces. In fact, he sees it as a very similar spectacle to wrestling:

It is nothing, what happened. No one is ever really going to fight in the NBA. The NBA is a lot like wrestling and WWE, no one is going to fight for real. He was lucky enough to do something, but all he did was generate entertainment for everyone.

Miles Bridges was cash, all the altercations that we could see were not dramatic. When we see the blood on Isaiah Stewart’s face after LeBron’s nudge, we are however entitled to doubt …

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