The NBA app changes its look and puts the package on immersion

A new season, new application. The NBA has decided to give a boost to its mobile application to allow fans around the world a better experience and better monitoring of their favorite league.

There is the undisguised desire to refresh the face of the tool, with inspiration very clearly drawn from the most popular social networks, such as Instagram and TikTok. Videos and content related to matches will thus be in vertical format, with new options for optimal follow-up of matches and news around the NBA. Unprecedented access behind the scenes and to the life of players and franchises, more immersive, will thus be offered to fans.

In partnership with Microsoft, the developers also insisted on redesigning the application, with a more modern design and more intuitive use. The idea is also to allow each fan to personalize the App as they see fit, by selecting in advance the content they wish to be offered on particular players, teams and themes.

The NBA also wants to improve long-form content and offer stories around basketball across Europe. Starting September 29, an eight-part documentary series, titled Hoop Cities, will explore eight cities with rich basketball culture and heritage, including Paris and Seville. Evan Fournier will be part of the speakers, around the city of Charenton in which he grew up.

Still in the same idea, the series « Gold Blooded », on the rise of the Warrios, and « Pass the Rock », which will follow the new faces of the league throughout the season, will be available on the platform. But also, a bit like the NFL’s « Hard Knocks » model, the NBA Real Training Camp which will follow the start of the Sixers and Mavs season, in partnership with NBA TV.

With this new NBA App, also comes a new League Pass, with adjusted prices: 17.99 euros per month, 119.99 for the whole season on a classic package, 23.99 per month and 149.99 for a premium package. The League Pass, but also NBATV, will be directly integrated into the NBA application.

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