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Most cantons will have to increase their contribution to the reduction of sickness premiums. The Council of States finally entered into the matter on Tuesday by 24 votes against 16 on the indirect counter-project at the initiative of the PS « Maximum 10% of income for bonuses ».

The Federal Council has concocted a counter-project in response to the popular initiative of the PS which demands that no insured person should pay more than 10% of his income for health insurance premiums. The government project reminds the cantons of their responsibilities.

After an initial refusal to enter into the matter, the Council of States agreed to define minimum requirements for the cantons. In view of the sharp increase in premiums (6.6% this year) which weigh on household budgets, the popular initiative has a good chance of being voted by the people, noted several senators.

The conference of cantonal health directors was open to the counter-project, added Josef Dittli (PLR / UR). Ten cantons have reduced their contribution to the reduction of individual premiums even as costs increased, denounced Hans Stöckli (PS / BE). The SVP rejected the idea of ​​a counter-project altogether. It is certainly less burdensome than what the popular initiative proposes, which is not fundable.

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Contribution of the cantons to health premiums for low-income insured persons / La Matinale / 1 min. / yesterday at 06:20

Friborg and Valais will go to checkout

Despite the opposition en bloc of the UDC and part of the PLR, the indirect counter-proposal of the Council of States passed. The minimum contribution of the cantons will therefore be coupled with the evolution of costs in the same way as that of the Confederation.

The cantons would have to pay a minimum amount of the order of 3.5 to 7.5% of the cantonal costs of the compulsory health insurance under the premium reduction. The Federal Council’s indirect counter-proposal provides for the cantons to pay a minimum equivalent to 5 to 7.5%. The federal share remains unchanged at 7.5%.

The option of the Council of States would entail additional costs for the cantons of around 356 million francs per year (calculation year 2020). That of the Federal Council nearly 493 million francs.

Several French-speaking cantons and Ticino will have no additional costs until 2030 according to a projection by the federal administration. Only Friborg and Valais should checkout. Friborg should pay 5 million francs more according to the version of the Council of States. Valais should pay 33 million more.

In the vote on the whole, the Council of States accepted the indirect counter-proposal by 26 votes to 16.

The file returns to the National.

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