The MySports channel wants to “increase the visibility of the NHL”

The pay channel is broadcasting the entire National League this season, in partnership with Léman Bleu.

In addition to 150 NHL matches, MySports is broadcasting the entire Swiss hockey championship from September 14. At the same time, the “Overtime” podcast and the “Signé Stéphane” format will resume service. Finally, in its back-to-school press release, the Sunrise-UPC sports channel indicates that its bouquet will be available on Salt offers. But this year, the pay channel will not be alone.

Léman Bleu has become a partner of MySports and now broadcasts the “match of the week” every Sunday, with free access from 7:30 p.m. Each day, the best moments will be visible from 10 p.m. on the Léman Bleu antennas. “We are delighted to start the new season with Léman Bleu in French-speaking Switzerland. Thanks to this partnership, we guarantee innovative, professional and entertaining media coverage of the National League and sustainably increase the visibility of the Swiss Ice Hockey League,” said Matthias Krieb, director of MySports, in the press release.

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