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Julius Randle had expressed his particular motivation to come and challenge the defending champion on his land. The New York interior lived through the Bucks title by proxy last summer and its urge to do the same with the Knicks has only increased tenfold.

We could therefore expect a big performance from him, and indeed, Randle was at the rendezvous in a game with a stunning scenario.

“We quickly found ourselves with our heads under water. Our second unit took over and did a great job. They picked up the pace, they landed defensive stops and got us back on track. From there, we just continued on this momentum « Randle said after the meeting.

The Knicks were indeed up to 21 points behind before launching the machine for good, in the second half and then back from the locker room, when the New York « go-to-guy » was able to sit down. his domination, starting the third quarter with an acrobatic lay-up, a fade-away jump shot and a counter-attack (75-71).

Symbol of Knicks strength of character

At the end of the third quarter, Tom Thibodeau’s troops then took the advantage and never let go. After the “D-Rose Show” at the start of the fourth quarter, Randle then finished the job with a tap, an assist for Nerlens Noel and a basket at mid-distance to feed his beautiful line of stats (32 points at 11/22 shooting, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks).

Beyond his performance, his greatest satisfaction was seeing the Knicks keep their foot on the accelerator until the end to “crush” the Bucks by 15 points at the finish line.

“It was amazing. The coach always does his best by offering us a great game plan. We respected him with discipline, except in the first quarter. We clung to it and we did pretty well ”, he added. “It’s a big blow for us. Last year, we were good at home and not too bad outside. This season, we want to be a much better team away from our bases. Coming here, facing the defending champions in their hall and coming away with a win, the way we did, says a lot about the character of our team, having lost twice in a row. We must continue like this ”.

Like a matador leaving the arena with ears and tail, Julius Randle left the den of the Bucks with the jersey and congratulations from Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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