The Muzillac olympic sport had a gloomy weekend – Muzillac

The gods of football were not Muzillacais. Yet the way was there. The pennant team obtained a draw (1-1) against Lieuron, after having outrageously dominated the opponent. “We had a lot of scoring chances, and produced a pleasant football, indicates Antony Rohel, coach of Muzillac olympic sport. But we had a lack in the last gesture or the last pass, and above all I remember that the opponent was enormously lucky in this match, with an exceptional baraka ”. The Muzillac goal was assured by Jules De Conninck.

Defeat of the reserve team

The reserve team lost to the score of (1-3) against Senna 2. A logical defeat, despite an excellent first period, but a lack of realism in front of goal. There were three face-to-face with the opposing goalkeeper. “Even if Séné has a great reserve team, it was within our reach, we didn’t lack much to make the difference,” assures Gilles Bargone, the team manager. Emeric Normand signed the Muzillac goal.

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