The multiple All-Star targeted by the Knicks in exchange for Kemba!

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The Knicks surprised quite a few people by putting Kemba Walker aside until further notice. And obviously, the leaders would already have decided to exchange it! Besides, they have a multiple All-Star in the viewfinder.

If the fiascos continue to follow, the Celtics will soon become the subject of a big curse concerning the playmakers. Indeed, when we take the last three big names on the post in Boston, they are now all in enormous difficulty, even out of the league! It all started with Isaiah Thomas, All-Star and hero of the TD Garden in the mid-2010s ′, who today has to beg the teams to find even one place in a squad …

Then arrived Kyrie Irving, one of the best players in the league, who finally decided to leave Massachusetts for Brooklyn and his best friend Kevin Durant. But this season, he too is out of the league because of his reluctance to face the COVID vaccine and the health pass. Its leaders have decided to suspend it indefinitely and the situation does not look set to change.

Kemba Walker sent to Houston?

And to finish, the Celtics have relied on Kemba Walker in recent years, who is going through a difficult period in his career. Very diminished on the physical level, the point guard was dismissed by the Knicks who prefer to look to Derrick Rose, Immanuel Quickley and other fitter players. He could also be the target of a rapid transfer according to a crazy rumor.

A source close to the Knicks says New York could find a partner to trade in the Rockets, who want to trade John Wall.

Blocked in Houston by leaders who absolutely want to leave young Kevin Porter Jr and Jalen Green at the heart of the game, John Wall may have to resign himself to leaving Texas less than two years after his arrival. And while he hasn’t played for a long time, he would arguably be a nice addition to Kemba Walker. Last season, he still turned 20.6 points and 6.9 rebounds.

Besides, the Knicks have the arguments to tip the scales, and especially to offset the huge salary of the former All-Star. With a Walker / Kevin Knox package in the trade, they could absorb his contract and get a great starting point guard back.

This rumor will undoubtedly not be received in the same way by the two players. Kemba Walker would undoubtedly be sad to leave his franchise of heart in the event of a trade, when John Wall would be thrilled to find the possibility of playing again.

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