The most worn number in the history of the league … and it’s not the 23!

Despite a fairly large panel at their disposal, the thousands of players who have passed through the league since the beginning of its history have often opted for the same classic numbers. One of them stands out quite widely as the most worn all-time, and is not necessarily the one that might seem the most obvious!

Honored by Michael Jordan, LeBron James and so many others, number 23 does not even appear on the podium. The same goes for the numbers 32 and 33, yet released by countless legends of the league. No, the most worn number in NBA history is certainly not one of the most legendary. However, it has accompanied the careers of several icons, since it is… the 12!

409 players wore a jersey emblazoned with the number 12, including Dwight Howard, John Stockton, Ja Morant, Vlade DIvac and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Even Jordan donned a ’12’ flocked jersey

The figures have even changed, since there are now 411 players who can claim to have endorsed a jersey struck by 12. The latter is thus ahead of his predecessor, the # 11, and its 380 carriers in history, as well as the # 5, chosen. by 352 players since the launch of the NBA. Numbers not necessarily very iconic, even if a certain Michael jordan put on one of them, one evening in 1990.

Before stacking the titles of champion and MVP of the Finals, His Airness indeed sported the number 12 during a meeting against the Orlando Magic. All without having made the slightest request. A story as incongruous as it is legendary, that you can discover by clicking here. Moreover, with his 49 points registered in this famous jersey, MJ may have given ideas to his successors!

Even today, several big names in the league display the same number on their backs. Outraged Ja Morant, the following players indeed wear said tunic:

  • Eric Bledsoe
  • Joe harris
  • Tobias Harris
  • De’Andre Hunter
  • Kelly Oubre
  • Taurean prince

The story of number 12 has probably not finished being written, since the young Ayo Dosunmu has also decided to walk the NBA floors with him under the colors of the Bulls!

Well ahead of the iconic 23, 32 or 33, number 12 is therefore placed as the most worn in history. This one, you had to guess!

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