The most likely package against Ben Simmons!

The trade deadline will come in exactly one month, without the Ben Simmons case seeming to change as this deadline approaches. Shams Charania, however, gave an update on the subject, and revealed the tempting offer that could suit the 76ers!

The date of December 15, synonymous with an increase in the number of players transferable across the league, should already accelerate the procedure. It has not happened. Will the trade deadline of February 10 also prove to be ineffective? In any case, the soap opera Ben simmons shows no significant progress a month from the latter… or almost.

Always greedy in their requests, the 76ers would not be against the idea of ​​keeping the Australian leader, and of reinstating him in the group at the end of the season. In order to recover it before next summer, some courtiers are trying in parallel to give up Philly, by making available pretty names from their roster. So far, all these maneuvers have remained in vain.

The Hawks ready to let go of the heavy lifting for Ben Simmons?

In this context, Shams Charania wanted to bring some order to this file, and recall the various franchises seduced by the profile of Simmons.

Three-time Philadelphia 76ers All-Star Ben Simmons remains the biggest name available in the transfer market, with contenders for the Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Indiana Pacers among others, according to sources.

In addition, the insider of The Athletic came to confirm the words of his college Chris Kirchner, now making Atlanta one of the most serious candidates in this saga!

The Hawks are emerging as a potential home base for Simmons, whose talents as a defenseman would surely help one of the league’s five worst defenses.

To enlist him, the Hawks know, however, that they will have to part with talented players. According to Shams, that’s what they could do, putting two of the most interesting players in the balance!

Analyzing the Hawks roster, it’s obvious that John Collins – who signed a 5-year, $ 125 million contract last offseason – and Cam Reddish are among the players who could pack a package for Simmons. The Hawks’ willingness to put such a proposal on the table remains to be confirmed after they reached the Eastern Conference Finals last season.

And if Reddish has already been mentioned in exit rumors recently, Collins could soon join him according to the famous journalist.

Collins is growing increasingly frustrated with his role in Atlanta, multiple sources told The Athletic.

By including John Collins and Cam Reddish in a potential deal, will the Hawks meet Philadelphia’s demands on Ben Simmons? The answer should be given in the coming weeks!

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