the most expensive in the world

When a Chiron at 3 million euros is not enough for some, all they have to do is order a single copy from Bugatti. This is what a wealthy and anonymous client undertook by asking the brand to design this Black Car for him. It thus becomes the most expensive new car in the world with its 11 million euros… excluding taxes.

Never enough

Bugatti symbolizes the ultimate automobile, between stratospheric performance, spectacular style and opulent luxury. It is also a guarantee of exclusivity, since the Bugatti Chiron will only be produced in five hundred copies, and at a price of 2.88 million euros in France. Then the Bugatti Chiron Sport appeared with its twenty units at 3.18 million euros, and the even sportier and more widespread Bugatti Divo with forty vehicles, this time reaching 5 million euros.

However, forty units, that means that there is still a probability of crossing another in its path. To achieve absolute personalization and exclusivity, a customer took the step of ordering a unique piece, responding to the name of the Black Car, which premiered at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Good to know: Who is the lucky customer?

Bugatti does not name the new owner of this Black Car, but assures that he is  » a big fan of the brand », Leaving to speculate endlessly on his identity. The indiscretions of the alleys of Geneva point Ferdinand Piëch, former director of Volkswagen and grandson of Ferdinand Porsche.

Atlantic inspiration

The one that gave its details to this Bugatti is theone of the most prestigious cars of the Molsheim firm, the 57SC Atlantic. The multiple openings at the front and on the hood, the back protector running along the carbon fiber bodywork – subtly integrating the wiper – or the six exhaust pipes are some of the nostalgic effects mingling with one of the most successful sports cars of the moment. The designers added rims overflowing on the tires, a line of diodes imitating the rear of the Atlantic and a monumental grille ready to swallow every square inch of asphalt.

Note: Why the Black Car?

This is the nickname given by Jean Bugatti to the last of the four 57SC Atlantic produced, with black paint, having disappeared when the founder’s son fled behind the wheel during the invasion of Alsace by Germany during World War II.

Finally, if you care about the mechanism hidden under this unique dress, it is identical to the Chiron and Divo. In the rear central position, the W16 engine with a displacement of 8 liters accompanied by 4 turbos, releasing up to 1,500 horsepower to four wheels and a couple of heavy goods vehicles 1,600 Nm. The 0 to 100 km / h was not communicated, but should turn around 2.5 seconds with a top speed exceeding 400 km / h.

The Bugatti Black Car: the price of a yacht

But what about the interior of this hypercar ? For the time being, it remains tightly closed and hermetic to any camera. That said, there would still be more than two years of work to finalize it. Just one clue:  » every item has been handcrafted », Reveals Étienne Salomé, one of the Bugatti designers.

Finally, since it was a question of price, the Black Car was negotiated against 11 million euros excluding taxes, or 13.2 million euros with French VAT. A price closer to the world of the yacht than that of four-wheelers.

It is also from very far the most expensive new car in history. Its price represents four and a half Bugatti Chiron, forty-six Ferrari 812 Superfast or one thousand six hundred and seventy-one entry-level Dacia Logan.

A true jewel on wheels in the treatment of its carbon dress, the Bugatti La Car Noire is a superb execution marrying the nostalgia of the illustrious Atlantic and the current power of the W16 engine. Let’s just hope that it’s not meant to collect dust in an automobile collection under neon lights.

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