The most Breton of Argentinian goleadors is retiring. Higuain hangs up the cleats

At 34, Gonzalo Higuain announces the end of his career. Passed by Real or Juve, selected 75 times with Argentina, the one who was born in Brest could also have played for the French team, and the Brittany team. Raymond Domenech had approached him.

He was both South American, very much. And North Finistere, a little.

Passed by some of the biggest European teams, the Argentinian international striker Gonzalo Higuain ended his career at 34, at the end of the MLS season, the North American championship which he had joined 3 years ago. years under the colors of Inter Miami, the club of David Beckam.

« The day has come to say goodbye to football, which has given me so much », said the player in tears, in a press conference.

Higuain had notably passed through Naples, Juventus Turin, and Chelsea, after having really launched his career at Real Madrid. A club with which he had won 3 league titles, a Spanish Cup and two Supercups.

And if Higuain has worn the jersey of the Argentine selection 75 times, he could very well have worn the tricolor jersey as well. Even the Gwenn ha du.

Little Gonzalo was indeed born in Brest on December 10, 1987, where his defender father, Jorge, had come to play for François Yvinec’s Brest Armorique. The little family had then settled in Gouesnou.

But in Finistère, Gonzalo will only stay 10 months. Before Papa crosses the Atlantic again to join River Plate in the country.

River Plate is also where Gonzalo will make his footballing debut before joining Real Madrid. But holder of a French passport, the young man could very well have also played for the Blues.

In 2006, coach Raymond Domenech even attempted a gamble by calling him up for a friendly match against Greece, alongside another promising young striker, a certain Karim Benzema.

« I put Higuain in front of a fait accomplitold in 2016 Domenech to the magazine So Foot. But he wanted to play for Argentina, and it’s Maradona who will end up taking him. »

But if Higuain held a French passport, he was also Breton, since he was born in Brest.

So in 2016, this time with the cap of coach of the Brittany team, Domenech will try to put the cover back on the eve of a tour in Africa

« I’m thinking of trying to call her, promises Raymond, the Costa Rican by adoption. But it may be complicated with the Copa America. We will not try to convince the players, they must want to come. »

Difficult indeed to compete with the Argentine selection. A few weeks later, Domenech would eventually release a roster without Higuain. Before the African tour finally fell through.

Higuain le Brestois will therefore have played neither for the French team nor for the Brittany team.

But as looms, perhaps, a new meeting for the Brittany team in June 2023, some start dreaming.

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