The most beautiful day of the year

Finally we are there! It may be April 1st, it’s not a joke. We don’t mess with baseball. In a few hours, a ball season will indeed begin. It was high time. After a few winter months that are rather bearable in terms of temperatures, but where the words « COVID » and « containment » echoed in our heads, a hint of normal life resurfaced, and it was the MLB that brought us the news. ‘offer.

Today it’s Opening Day!

No more hibernation

The first day of a baseball season is always a special day. Everyone experiences it a little in their own way. Most of the baseball fans that we have come to the end of their countdown that began about a month ago after the first games of spring camp. After waiting all winter, seeing baseball picking up in Florida and Arizona gave people a little balm, but for real people, it still wasn’t enough.

We took care of ourselves as best we could. A little hockey here, a little basketball there. Also, we start to think about his (or her) baseball pool (s). We recruit, we think about the strategies, the parameters, the date of the draft, we read or we listen MLB Passion to know what it is about teams, players, transactions, we want to be ready for D-Day.

And the big day is today. No more sparkling wine, we can take out the champagne.

O Opening Day!

The teams have adjusted their numbers to once again give us the cream of the crop. The best players on the planet are back on duty to give us an exciting 162-game season. 162 games, the last 162 game season seems so far away.

Even if the stadiums will not be full and even if the Blue Jays will not play (for now) in Toronto, we will not be choosy. Tomorrow, the lawns of green diamonds will be trodden by Mike Trout, Fernando Tatis Jr., Ronald Acuña Jr. or other Mookie Betts. There will be colors, flags, hymns, tributes, and a lot of emotion.

A Opening Day will never leave me indifferent. I like baseball. I have loved baseball for so long that I feel like I started loving it before I was even born. And it’s been 45 years, so when there isn’t, I’m not the same man anymore. TheOpening Day alone sweeps away those months of waiting when life is no longer the same. We can binge on baseball news of all kinds, nothing beats the reality on the ground.

Marathon day

Today I am smiling. My day has only just started and it is already perfect. I shouldn’t be the only one feeling like this today.

Quietly, after a final roster review for my pools and having placed one or two wise bets which I hope will turn out to be juicy, I would turn on my television set around 1 p.m. to watch with interest the first meeting of the year. . Blue Jays vs. Yankees. Heavy. The Jays start off with a tough opponent. To win, you’ll have to bend Gerrit Cole and resist the blows of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and the surgical strikes of DJ LeMahieu. The Jays have the weapons to resist and even to retaliate.

Out of the corner of my eye, I would watch what Shane Bieber (not Justin) and the Indians do against King Miggy’s Tigers. I would text my first few texts, hoping to be able to tease my friend, the Yankees fan.

I’ll have to be in sync so I don’t miss the Braves premiere, see if the Rangers hurt the Royals and if the Slam-Diego Padres are already cool to watch play. Later, I would do a layer with the Rays, and if I still have a bit of strength, I would embark on a “West Coast” trio.

A marathon of matches awaits me today. Good thing, I am off. No work today, a 24 hour hospital respite, but a day that will be just as intense and in which I will be just as involved as when I have a life on my hands.

We are lucky. Let’s be happy to be able to experience a new day like this. A day when nothing can happen to us. Everything is fine. Baseball is back.

Have a good season everyone.

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