The most active franchise of the summer unveiled, huge trade in approach?!

Luka Doncic plants from midfield on Trae Young!

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This summer should be particularly eventful in the NBA, with many franchises in need of improvement, and according to several sources, there is a team that is already hot on several big issues.. The Eastern Conference may begin to shake.

It’s going to be a hot summer with many franchises looking for upgrades for next season. In Los Angeles, for example, Rob Pelinka will have to make several big decisions to allow his Lakers to regain the title race after this non-qualification for the playoffs. Not only will a new coach be needed, but also new, younger and more talented players to support LeBron James.

In Portland also things should move since the plan would be to surround Damian Lillard to allow him to play the title, finally. Zach LaVine would be watched very seriously by the Oregon franchise, as would another big name that could come to strengthen the interior sector. Lady does not have a lot of time at the top, we will have to capitalize fairly quickly.

Atlanta all the way to Deandre Ayton?

But it’s not just the Western Conference that should be thrilling in the coming weeks, since in the East too the rumors are starting to flourish. For example, it is said that the Knicks would be activating, and that their target could force Evan Fournier to leave. It is also in this conference that would hide the most ambitious team in the league. Attention, big exchange mentioned by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report :

The Hawks are expected to be the most active summer team on the market. After a disappointing season, president of basketball operations Travis Schlenk has made clear the need to improve the roster. Behind the scenes, several executives believe that Atlanta is the team most likely to carry out a major upheaval in the coming weeks. In fact, all players except Trae Young would be available.

Could a package around Clint Capela be enough to attract Deandre Ayton? The Suns’ young pivot has been on the franchise’s radar for years, but leaders could also look to a more comfortable winger offensively. For the moment, Bradley Beal and Donovan Mitchell are still involved in Washington and Utah, but if the situation changes, the Hawks should jump at the chance.

The Hawks have ambition and they will obviously do everything to build a workforce capable of returning to the conference final next year. They would be very attentive to the situation of Deandre Ayton with the Suns, who is waiting for a maximum contract, or to those of Donovan Mitchell and Bradley Beal. If all goes well, Trae Young will have another All-Star by his side at the start of the school year.

The Hawks failed to confirm after their epic conference final last season, and leaders are visibly disappointed. To live up to expectations next season, Trae Young will need some help.

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