the money from Zouma’s fine will be used to save animals in Ukraine

In a statement released on Friday, West Ham said several financial donations have been made to animal welfare charities following the fine imposed on its French defender Kurt Zouma.

West Ham has used the fine imposed on Kurt Zouma to deliver donations to nine associations working for the protection and defense of animals. This was announced on Friday by the London club in a press release published on its social networks.

A fine used to save animals, especially in Ukraine

This fine, estimated at 300,000 euros according to the British press, was imposed on the French defender after the broadcast of a video where he hit his cat several times. Critics were therefore quick to target the Hammers player, starting with those of charities. One of them, the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), won custody of its cats.

In addition to this fine, this act of cruelty had other consequences for the 27-year-old international since one of his main sponsors, Adidas, had dropped him in the face of controversy. The London club had also been sanctioned, in particular by the insurance company Vitality. She had suspended a « well-being » partnership with West Ham saying she was « extremely disappointed by his lack of judgment ».

A total of nine charities supporting animal care and welfare in the UK and overseas have benefited from financial contributions from West Ham. Among them is War Paws, which supplies war zones, including Ukraine, and evacuates animals from these zones.

“The club would like to thank all those who have contacted us to propose animal protection charities and good causes, as well as our supporters who have been involved in the process of identifying those associations that have received financial support, in ensuring that a positive end is found to this negative situation », specifies in particular the press release.

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