The Mona Lisa of sport and the Bol d’or, at Vermot on April 1

It might look like an April Fool’s joke, but it’s not: on Friday April 1st, the famous Gold bowlthe sport mona Lisa…It’s the most beautiful, the oldest, the most mysterious trophy in cycling. And there is only one copy. In gilded bronze, weighing 15 kg, it is signed by Raoul Larche and sunk at Siot-Decauville. It is an exceptional museum piece.

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« There is only one copy… It’s the BOL d’OR! »

After having disappeared for 120 years, it has just been miraculously found, so it is a quasi-relic of the golden age of sport, which you can admire among the other wonders of this pretty sporting sale, which gives pride of place to Olympic badges and torches (13), medals (1924 Mascaux polo shirt, winner’s medal), the Tour de France (Lapize, Faber, etc.), boxing (Cerdan), or rugby (France -All Blacks) and tennis (Marcel Bernard, Chatrier, etc)… A charitable part will be dedicated to research for the Curie Institute (Poulidor, Le Tour, Blachon, Pic, thanks to Claude Louis).

« The Golden Fleece existed, the Bol d’Or too »

The Toison d’or existed, the Bol d’or too… The proof, it is reaching out to you. So come and see it, and take your little bottle of salts… It’s not the 6 Nations Trophy, nor a Caesar, nor the World Cup, or the Coupe de France… It only exists in a single copy… It’s the BOL d’OR! Before the sale, master Vermot should proceed to a distribution of this Kola-Food, which allowed Gaston Rivierre to triumph in the Bol d’Or, and Henri Aries to make sparks there. Chocolate, king of Buffalo and from 20 rue Drouot…

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