the Ministry of Tourism scans the hotel establishments of Korhogo and Bouaké


“Check the existence and validity of operating approvals, licenses and authorizations; Check safety equipment and installations; Check compliance with hygiene and COVID-19 control measures; Appreciate the conveniences and the quality of the services offered to the clientele » such is the essence but also the meaning of the mission of inspection and control of tourist establishments which is carried out in the Center and in the North of the country, by the Inspection General of Tourism.

« Who wants to go far, take care of his mount »

Started on August 21, 2022, it is on August 28, 2022 that the said mission of inspection and technical control of the accommodation and catering establishments of the African Cup of Nations football (Can 2023 which will take place in 2024) by members of the General Inspectorate, in Korhogo and Bouaké. And this, after having evaluated, in the same spirit, the San Pedro system, before, very soon, Yamoussoukro, the two other cities which host the CAN with Abidjan.

compliance with the tourism code

With 6 sworn agents of Tourism and Leisure, this prospective mission, according to the Inspector General, Georges Boka-Bi, intends to give life to the adage that « Who wants to go far, spare his mount ». And, according to him, following the instructions of Minister Siandou Fofana, to assume the sovereign missions of inspection and control of tourism and leisure establishments, as well as catering, in accordance with the provisions of the Tourism Code.

In perfect accordance with the requirements of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), as well as FIFA, on the one hand; and on the other hand, in the clear vision of the national tourism development strategy, « Sublime Côte d’Ivoire » which rhymes with quality of service to international standards, in order to establish the Ivorian destination in the leading African leadership. And of which this football high mass constitutes a “life-size” test!

meticulous work

New receptive accommodation and catering facilities, hotels under construction or being rehabilitated, hostels or dedicated villages; State heritage such as private initiatives, entertainment and leisure centers… Everything is scrutinized, independently of the field visits of the Organizing Committee (COCAN), an institution in which the Tourism Administration is a stakeholder. who is rightly responsible for the “Accommodation and Catering” Commission.

Thus, for a better organization of this major event, our country has been working since then to put in place the required infrastructure. It is therefore within this framework that through the actions of the Ministry of Tourism, several accommodation and catering establishments likely to accommodate participants in this AFCON have been created and rehabilitated in the cities that will host this competition.


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