The minimum age lowered to 18 years from the Draft 2024?

Major changes to expect in the NBA? If we are to believe information from the American media The Athletic, which reports, no later than this Monday, elements having leaked from the first meetings, the prestigious Basketball League could ratify a new minimum age for draftees and thus the lower from 19 to 18, and this from the 2024 edition of the Draft. A decision which would then allow, again, players to go directly from the high school box to that of the NBA. On this subject, discussions are currently underway. Discussions are also currently underway regarding another major topic, namely that relating to the mental health of NBA players, with a much better consideration of this. In this regard, the players’ union would ask that it be, quite simply, at the same level as a physical injury. This last subject is notably carried by a certain DeMar DeRozan.

The collective agreement runs until 2024

The latter, like Kevin Love but also other NBA players, have spoken publicly on this delicate subject in recent seasons. This subject should thus be one of the key points with regard to the negotiations concerning the next convention of the prestigious Basketball League. Just like the one concerning the Draft. These two subjects have already been mentioned by the players’ union. This current collective agreement, the « Collective Bargaining Agreement » (CBA), was ratified in July 2017., but it will thus end at the end of the 2023-24 season. However, it could well and truly stop earlier, and even as early as next December. On the condition that one of the organizations, namely that of the players’ union or else that of the owners of franchises, then makes the specific request.

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