The Mets were evaluating the possibility of signing Carlos Correa

Since the start of the offseason, Steve Cohen has authorized his GM to spend. And Billy Eppler got to work with (notably) Edwin Diaz, Justin Verlander and Brandon Nimmo.

In fact, we are talking about expenses of $475 million… and the club’s luxury tax will be enormous.

Right now, Cohen is looking for ways to cut the fat on some levels (Carlos Carrasco may be on his way), but if needed, the club could add a big name.

According to what The Athletic, guys like JD Martinez or Michael Conforto could be in the club’s sights, a question of adding offensive.

But the Mets were aiming even higher.

It’s hard to say how serious it was, but the New York Mets were considering the possibility of offering Carlos Correa a contract of at least a decade. You read correctly.

We understand better that Justin Verlander, who is also a former teammate of Correa, is impressed by his new owner’s desire to win.

Obviously, signing Correa would have been expensive and the impact on the luxury tax would have been huge. He eventually signed in San Francisco for $350 million over 13 years.

Note that the Mets already have Francisco Lindor at shortstop. This never stopped them from trying to sign Javier Baez (for the second goal) last year or from being interested in Correa.

In Correa’s case, it would have been as a third baseman. It was not ideal, he who really likes his shortstop position.

Scott Boras must have been happier than the Twins to see a big club in the Derby. After all, it drives up prices.

Moreover, note that the Twins offered $ 285 million to Correa, who chose the Giants’ offer. It’s a shame for the Twins, but they knew the risks when they offered him a short-term contract last winter.

I wonder how much the Mets want to save money for Shohei Ohtani a year from now, but at the same time, this is the year the club wants to win.

Is another big target in the club’s sights? Because clearly what this tells us is that the Mets should never be counted out.

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