The Mets must retain the services of Marcus Stroman

The free agent period is in full swing in MLB right now and things are starting to tumble pretty quickly. Yesterday, we learned that José Berrios had signed a fairly lucrative contract extension and that Noah Syndergaard was leaving the Mets for the Los Angeles Angels.

Let’s take a look at the latter’s departure.

If we look at the rotation of the Mets for next year, the names of Jacob deGrom, Carlos Carrasco and Taijuan Walker are practically cast in stone. After that, things get a bit more complicated.

For this reason, MLB Network analysts believe that it would be vital for New York to offer a new contract to Marcus Stroman, who finds himself a free agent at the time of this writing.

Remember that in addition to Marcus Stroman, Robbie Ray and Justin Verlander are still free as the air.

The chances of the latter two landing in New York, however, are slim. So why not bring Stroman back to the team?

He knows the organization, he is used to evolving in the popular Mets market and could certainly bring great candles to his next manager since Luis Rojas is now coach third baseman with the Yankees.

The small catch, on the other hand, is the fact that Stroman asks for a lot of money. We would talk about an agreement of around $ 150 million …

Thus, if the Mets wish to offer him a new contract, they will have to take out the checkbook. And at this point, it might be the best option for the team to stay competitive starting next year.

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