the message from the South Winners to avoid overflows at the Velodrome

The South Winners group released a press release on Tuesday calling on OM supporters not to be the authors of overflows. The ultras from Marseille hope to avoid incidents similar to the throwing of a bottle at Dimitri Payet during the clash between OL and Marseille.

At a time when the OL supporter, author of a bottle throwing at Dimitri Payet was sentenced by the courts to six months suspended prison sentence and five years of stadium ban, the Marseille ultras are calling for the everyone’s responsibility. After recalling the many matches experienced behind closed doors because of the Covid-19, the South Winners insisted on what it means to be part of the people of Marseille.

« We must all be responsible. The responsibility that has meant that we have been managing our stand for more than 30 years in collaboration with OM, with our members and in good harmony with the club’s stewards, the group of supporters said in a message. posted on social networks. We ensure safety including in our shows with smoke and other accessories. The messages are sometimes strong and violent, but they are only messages. The verb is high, the vocabulary is not chosen, but it remains a platform, a place of spectacle. Unruly, noisy and rebellious, our rebels, our stands are loved by our city and that is why we feel there. « 

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« Let us not give them the pretext to punish us for our passion »

The incidents during the shock of the 14th day of Ligue 1 between Lyon and Marseille are the fault of an isolated individual and not of the majority of supporters, the ultras insisted on recalling it. In the same way that these behaviors spoil the game, they serve no one and especially not the team and its fans.

« A bottle, a paper, a firecracker and our party stops, do not give them the pretext to punish us for our passion. Marseillais Marseillaise, what we have been experiencing since the start of the season cannot be suspended from a stupid jet of anything, on anyone. Our uproar, and our fervor are enough to crush our opponents, once again underlined the ultras from Marseille in their press release. This passion that we put on make this jersey a tunic that we wear with pride , and any other color a punishment for whoever comes under our pressure. That is enough for us. « 

No general sanctions after the « Aulas Land » incidents

Despite the multiple incidents at the start of the season in Ligue 1, the South Winners therefore do not want new sanctions against all fans because of the behavior of a single individual.

« We no longer want new sanctions, new batteries of punishments more severe sentences, we no longer want all of that for a member of our family. Because whatever his group, whether he has one or not, one supporter is a supporter. « 

And the group of OM supporters to pay those who seek to make the supporters solely responsible for the current situation and the various incidents.

« These will come and teach us lessons and tell us what to do, how to do it and they will punish us if we don’t. The joke, thank you gentlemen, do your business. Sell, buy, serve. you, as you have been doing for so many years, have finally let go of the South Winners. In the aftermath of the incidents at Aulas Land, the time is neither for criticism nor for giving lessons. Acts of one or a few can condemn others. Bullshit has no color, no banner, no flag. So let’s stay vigilant and preserve our stands. « 

A welcome reminder, given the projectiles launched towards Neymar during the last OM-PSG.

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