The Mavs massacred by a relative of Luka Doncic!

Dallas is not really having a crazy offseason, and an ex-free agent has made things worse by releasing a sensational statement about Luka Doncic’s squad. The leaders would thus have disrespected him when formulating their offer…

On paper, all the signs pointed to an arrival at the Mavs for Goran Dragic. The franchise has just lost Jalen Brunson, who signed to the Knicks for 110 million over four years, and therefore needs reinforcement at the lead. In addition to that, the Texans were conference finalists in 2021-22 and therefore represented a great sporting challenge, the Slovenian still chasing his first career ring. Icing on the cake, he could have played with it Luka Doncichis great friend and teammate in the national team.

The local front office made him an offer, but the former Nets surprised everyone by refusing it outright, and he instead stayed in the East by signing a new contract in Chicago. Why is that ? In fact, as he revealed recently during an interview, the point guard was not at all thrilled with the role that Dallas offered him in the coming months. He wanted to play a lot of minutes, which did not seem to be in the coaching staff’s plans:

Goran Dragic very unhappy with Mavericks offer

They made an offer but I decided not to accept it. They wanted me to play one game and then sit for the next five. I know I can still easily play 20 minutes per game. I’m not ready to retire and sit on the bench in a cheerleading role.

This is what is said on the part of the Dragon… By the way, El Matador will not appreciate the news, he who has just pushed a rant about his team’s off-season.

Nevertheless, although the guard was one of the best players in Brooklyn in the post-season this year, turning over 10 points and 4 assists on average, we should not forget an important detail: his age. Dragic is 35 now, not necessarily enough to make him an indisputable holder or even a sixth man, even less when Spencer Dinwiddie evolves in the same position as him. On top of that, fans strongly criticized the player for his remarks, advising him not to see himself as too handsome:

Why does this guy act like he’s on 30/10/10 every night?

Goran Dragic wanted to have an important role, something that the Mavs were obviously not ready to offer him. The Bulls, on the other hand, will have had fewer reservations about this, which is why the Slovenian has decided to start a new chapter in his career in Illinois.

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