the Mavs in demonstration against the Jazz, fourth place goes to Texas!

Send the special Playoffs morning update, the forbidden point for tanks, the article that Kings fans have not read for more than fifteen years! Who makes the right deal, who shit in the glue, who should ask the right questions? We’ll give you a quick update on what’s going well, about two weeks before the postseason!

The results of the night


Eastern Conference Playoffs March 28, 2022

Western Conference Playoffs March 28, 2022

The little explanation about tie-breakers

Good deal of the day – Dallas Mavericks, New Orleans Pelicans, Boston Celtics: for those who want to take a little peek at the beautiful performance of the Pelicans, we have a nice paper here. Same thing for the cloverleaf franchise, to be found here. We will focus a little more on Mark Cuban’s proteges who had a big shock to negotiate against Jazz. A quarter to understand the challenge of the meeting and then it unfolds for Luka Doncic and company. It must be said that without Rudy Gobert or Bogdan Bogdanovic, and with a Donovan Mitchell next to his pumps, it was a lot of penalties to overcome for Utah. Fourth place and home field advantage in the first round of the Playoffs is now owned by the Mavs.

Bad Trade of the Day – Philadelphia Sixers, Los Angeles Lakers: from first to fourth place in a single match, such is the fate of Doc Rivers’ men, beaten by the too solid Suns in the money time. If Philly still has its destiny largely in hand, we will end up believing that LA players will take advantage of Cancun a little earlier this year. Defeat at NOLA despite a 23-point lead, a possible boo to watch for LeBron James, the Spurs who are only one game behind, it smells of fir on Hollywood boulevard.

Next night’s posters

  • 1 hour: Hornetsnuggets
  • 1 a.m.: Pacers – Hawks
  • 1 hour: Riders –Magic
  • 1h30: Knicks – Bulls
  • 1h30: RaptorsCeltics
  • 1h30: Heat –Kings
  • 2 hours: GrizzliesWarriors
  • 2 a.m.: Rockets – Spurs
  • 4 a.m.: Blazers – Thunder

If the Playoffs started tonight:

  • Celtics – Cavs, Hornets, Nets or Hawks
  • Heat – Cavs or Hornets
  • Bucks–Raptors
  • Sixers–Bulls

Play-in tournament: Cavs – Hornets and Nets – Hawks

  • Suns – Wolves, Clippers, Pelicans or Lakers
  • Grizzlies – Wolves or Clippers
  • Warriors–Nuggets
  • Mavericks-Jazz

Play-in tournament: Wolves – Clippers and Pelicans – Lakers

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