The Maple Leafs eliminated in the first round… in an episode of The Simpsons

An episode of The Simpsons entirely dedicated to hockey aired this weekend.

We all remember the classic where the teams of Bart and Lisa face off, but the most recent is also likely to become one of the most popular among hockey fans.

This time, Bart’s team gets roughed up by the opposing big players until coach Moe Szyslak brings Nelson Muntz into the lineup to defend young Simpson on the ice.

Several masterful references are to be noted in the episode entitled Top Goons:

The Toronto Maple Leafs are eliminated in the first round by Bart’s team.

Bart does the famous Pavel Bure fake with his skate while on a breakaway.

Photo credit: The Simpsons/Twitter

Bart celebrates his goal like Theoren Fleury did while sliding on his knees.

Photo credit: The Simpsons/Twitter

Bart moonwalks Michael Jackson on the ice, like Alex Kovalev.

Photo credit: The Simpsons/Twitter

Here are some excerpts:

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