The major program for the 2021 NFL offseason on TDActu | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

It’s a new tradition. As soon as the season is over, Touchdown Actu unveils its program for the upcoming offseason.

Because a lot will still happen in the weeks to come. Between free agency and a Draft always better covered, the 2021 season will very quickly be launched.

Here are the great moments and files that will punctuate the 2021 off-season. Obviously, we have a few other surprises in stock for you! In particular, the dates of the podcasts will be announced at a later date.

On the site

February 9 – March 13: War Room – the team offseason point

March 8 – March 15: Top 5 free agency by post

– March 17: start of the free agency –

March 22 – April 28: Draft sheets

– April 29 – May 1: NFL Draft –

April 3 – May 10: the notes of the free agency (by division)

May 15 – July 3: TDActu’s Top 50 NFL players

August 8 – September 8: pre-season sheets

– September 9: First game of the 2021 season –

Audio and video

Monday February 15: Mock Draft live on You Tube

Free agency: 2 debriefing shows

Draft issue: longer from the coming week.

Wednesday April 28: Live Mock Draft You Tube

April: daily podcast badge during the 32 days preceding the Draft (new!)

Thursday April 29: Draft – 1st round Live

Draft: 2 debriefing shows

Again, these are just the highlights. So be sure to come back to the site regularly for many unpublished articles.

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