The mafia side of Indian cricket

“The most cumbersome chapter in the entire sporting history of the country.” Cricket affected by corruption in India and it is a whole myth that collapses, the day after the championship final of the flamboyant First Cricket League (IPL) which weighs no less than the equivalent of 3 billion euros.

International mail proposes a press review which testifies to the concern of Indian newspapers around a scandal which has already precipitated the fall of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Shashi Tharoor, accused of corruption.

According to Hindustan Times, ongoing investigations into the various clubs in the league may well reveal problematic links:

Enough to reveal the unhealthy links between the champions of tax evasion, movie stars, politicians and industry giants.

For Chetan Bhagat, who describes in the pages of Times of India how, as a child, he watched all the cricket matches as a family, the disenchantment is total. He considers that the cricket world no longer has much to envy to that of drugs:

Two factors are identical: a deep desire among the population to consume the product and a monopoly on the business. (…) Not to mention a total lack of transparency. And, unsurprisingly, these two businesses find themselves in stories of money, power and scandals.

[Lire l’article sur Courrier International ici, celui du Times of India là]

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