The madness released by a nugget to LeBron James, in the middle of a match!

LeBron James is a huge basketball player and being around him up close must be amazing for the youngest players in the league. One of them also made a rather crazy revelation to him in the middle of the meeting, which says a lot about the longevity of the quadruple champion.

He is now 38, his body has not been spared injury for two seasons, but LeBron James continues to drive the counters crazy. His friend Anthony Davis being still in the infirmary, the winger is gearing up to lead the Lakers to the playoffs and that results in mammoth performance like this night against the Rockets. On Martin Luther King Day, he finished with 48 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists:

Jabari Smith’s crazy revelation to LeBron

Not only did the Pourpres et Ors get away with the victory (140-132), but LBJ took the opportunity to join Michael Jordan among the only players in history to have scored 45 points or more when they under 38 years old. One more proof of the exceptional longevity of the Chosen One who is already in his 20th season in the league, he who should barring cataclysm become the most prolific all-time scorer by the end of the 2022-23 campaign .

Obviously, being in contact with a sacred monster of the orange ball like the quadruple champion must be an incredible experience, especially for rookies. Even more if they come from a family of basketball players, like Jabari Smith. Opposed to L-Train last night, the n°3 of the last draft finished with 14 points scored but he was especially illustrated by this surprising revelation to the future Hall of Famer, on the ground:

Jabari Smith : You played against my father in your first pro game, against Sacramento.

LeBron James : Truly ? Why are you doing this to me ? (laughs)

Jabari Smith : You feel old, huh?

Indeed, Smith senior played the time of 105 games in the big league and wore the colors of the Kings in 2003-04. We can say that the circle is complete for Bron, he who now wants to wait until his son Bronny is in the NBA to retire.

When you spend enough time on the court to face both father and son, you’ve been in the league for a long time. We imagine that LeBron must have felt very old after this confession by Jabari Smith!

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