The look of Zion Williamson on NBA 2K23 shocks the Internet!

Zion Williamson will be highly anticipated in 2022-23, but the poor interior of the Pelicans has already had the right to a first big disrespect. In this case, the NBA2K license has completely massacred its appearance on its new video game, enough to drive fans completely crazy.

A priori, Zion Williamson clearly has something to be happy about right now. Financially, he just hit the jackpot with New Orleans, quite a feat as he remains on a white season. Besides that, he also seems to be back in good physical shape and should be able to count on a lot of good players in 2022-23, with CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram among others to support him. So many reasons to be confident, therefore.

On the other hand, what could quickly make him want to smile is the preview of his avatar on the game NBA 2K23 which will soon be released. The video game license notably unveiled the cover of this year’s edition, which features Devin Booker, as well as photos of certain stars. The former Duke is one of them, and his design is quite exceptional… Except that it is not at all said in the positive sense of the term!

Zion’s deformed face in NBA 2K23

Beyond the fact that he appears much less muscular and bulky than he really is, it is notably the design of the face of Zion who challenged the supporters. Whether it’s his bulging eyes or his deformed features, absolutely nothing is right… The franchise is a specialist in this kind of hiccups, Evan Fournier being regularly the victim. On the side of the fans, we were stunned by such horror.

It’s awful lol

Clearly, NBA 2K23 will have to correct this abomination that is the design of Zion Williamson. The star of New Orleans is barely recognizable… Suffice to say that the developers have a job waiting for them until next fall.

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