the letter from the president of Lorient to defuse the controversy around Bournemouth and the transfer of Ouattara


In a letter addressed to Lorient supporters this Sunday, the president of Lorient, Loïc Fery, wanted to be reassuring concerning the arrival of the owner of Bournemouth in the capital of the Breton club and recognized a strange timing of the transfer Dango Ouattara in this same club.

A reassuring speech. In a long open letter addressed to his supporters, the president of FC Lorient, Loïc Fery, returned to the club’s recent news, namely the entry into the capital of the owner of Bournemouth (up to 40%) and the departure of Dango Ouattara in this same club against a transfer of 23 million euros (with bonus).

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“The amount will allow us to better arm our workforce”

« I understand that the timing generates the amalgam, recognizes the Breton leader about this suspicious transfer for many, as the price seems overvalued compared to the estimated value of the player. The transfer of Dango is pointed from finger, as if this sale meant that we gave up all ambition and as if our player had signed for Bournemouth under duress. »

« Dango will be able to express why he and his agent made this choice rather than another. Even if FC Lorient opens the door to a departure, I prefer to conclude with the club which offered us the best offer, including the amount will allow us to better arm our workforce », explains Loic Fery. The transfer of the winger seems to have been facilitated by the entry into the capital of FCL by Black Knight Football and Entertainment (BKFE), a company owned by the American billionaire Bill Foley… owner of Bournemouth.

« Limit to one major departure over the winter »

An entry in the capital up to 40% that Loic Fery also defends, pointing out the difficulties of French clubs to « simultaneously face the health crisis and the bankruptcy of the broadcaster ». « Since this period, I have never hidden the possibility of reviewing our shareholder model to share the risks and above all increase the chances of making the FC Lorient club more solid by continuing to develop it », he adds.

He also denies having wanted to influence the trajectory of the 20-year-old by sending him to Bournemouth and pleads a « career plan » and « desires » on the part of Dango Ouattara. « With the attractiveness of the sports project and the convincing speech of the coach, we can influence these desires and try to retain our talents as we have often done in recent years when it was possible, and as we are currently doing to try to limit to a single major departure over the winter. »

« FC Lorient will not become a ‘branch' »

« By its formative DNA, FC Lorient is dedicated to watching its nuggets grow in another sphere, he assures. And we must accept this idea without always being masters of the calendar, in a context where our players have never aroused so much covetousness. »

« I repeat that FC Lorient will not become a « branch » (of Bournemouth), guarantees the president. I am the majority shareholder and the president, with the decision-making power necessary to follow our development strategy. therefore does not act as a « overhaul of the entire operation » but as a continuity of management. »

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