The Lego builder at the foot of the steps, Aperam wants to get married, Formula 1 is moving away from Magny-Cours… our indiscretions of the week


Lionel Martin, the Lego builder from Saint-Éloi, failed in the final of the last session of the Ideas competition. The two projects he presented, the house of the series A nanny from hell and a set of micro-cinema sets, will not become official sets. Castor-Troy, his pseudonym, however, puts his job back to work once again. He is already in the running for the next batch.

Always in close contact with Max Brich, a specialist in visual presentation, he presents the Steampunk Explorers house. This universe constitutes, with the music, one of the great passions of Nivernais. And the public follows. The project received five thousand votes on in just ten days, knowing that it takes ten thousand to enter the final.

Lionel Martin was also interviewed at length with Max Brich on the Danish brand’s website. A nice consecration. The other objective of the inhabitant of Saint-Éloi is the creation, in the department, of a House of bricks and dioramas. He meets regularly with mayors to find a site. In view of the success of the exhibition he recently organized in Saint-Éloi, and which had to refuse people, so many visitors were in a hurry, the elected officials would be ill-advised to miss this golden opportunity. animate their city.

Planned merger of two steel giants

The newspaper The echoes, in an article published online Friday, June 3, announces that “steel producers Aperam and Acerinox are considering a merger”. This information was confirmed the same day by an internal memo sent to all staff at the Imphy site. With great care in the choice of words.

“Aperam confirms that very preliminary initial discussions have recently been initiated with Acerinox regarding a possible transaction which could result in a business combination”. At this stage of the exchanges, there is no certainty on the conclusion of an agreement.

Ah, the cow, the statistics!

The situation is going from bad to worse, the Nièvre is losing inhabitants, it is a fact. But, and this is often what is said jokingly, the department is one of the thirteen, with the Allier or the Saône-et-Loire, which include… more cows than inhabitants. The serial-twitto and columnist of the Daily program on TMC, Jules Grandin, recalled it, Tuesday, May 31, with a card in support. It is based on data from INSEE, which also teaches us, for the useful anecdote (or not), that goats never outnumber the inhabitants of any department whatsoever.

Formula 1 so far so close to Magny-Cours

Christian Estrosi, head of the Formula 1 French Grand Prix at Le Castellet, in the Var, leaked some information following his interview with Stefano Domenicali, CEO of the discipline, on the sidelines of the Monaco Grand Prix. An alternation between a test in France and in another country, every other year, would be considered. Asia, the Middle East and North America always want more appointments and the calendar is not infinitely expandable.

Alternation could thus become the rule, rather than the exception. This does not remove the possibility of seeing again, one day, the F1 at Magny-Cours, which would crown Le Castellet in the final stretch. But that still seems to halve the chances of the Nivernais circuit.

A new director general of services at Decize

The pace of work for the mayor of Decize, Justine Guyot, will have been even more intense for two months, the City having found itself without a director general of services (DGS) after the departure of Cyrille Clarisse. It was necessary to compensate for the vacancy time of the post. A new recruitment has been launched and a successor has just been found: Nicolas Barral, who was DGS at the community of communes, will occupy this position in town hall, from June 15.

Between two words

Lovers of words had reason to curse last Friday at La Charité. Between the reading by Marie-Christine Barrault and the evening show by Elliot Jenicot (on texts by Raymond Devos), the schedules overlapped, making it almost impossible to attend these two performances. Especially since Marie-Christine Barrault’s reading, scheduled as part of the Impromptus, at 7 p.m., finally began at 7:30 p.m. coordinate and leave a few minutes between these two cultural highlights. It’s a pity not to “talk” to each other when it comes to good words.

Notable short films

Director Vincent Robert launched his production company, PLR Productions, with which he was able to shoot two short films: tracks and Unfinished Stories. These two works are awaiting an exploitation visa in order to be screened. But this does not prevent their selections in various festivals and their purchases by television channels. Thereby, tracks, an 8-minute documentary on the old advertisements painted on the gables of houses, with the voice of Fanny Ardant, was bought by Canal + and selected for the Frend Film Festival in Sacramento, California. Closer to home, these two films will be visible in Ouroux-en-Morvan, for the Party(s) campaign festival, from July 21 to 24.

A new agricultural show

The revival of the Nevers/Magny-Cours agricultural show is scheduled for September 9 and 10, 2023. on the subject, wishes to bring together living forces on Wednesday June 22, at 7 p.m., at the Trikini room in Chevenon.


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