The Legion of Boom and Antonio Brown stars of the latest drafts

After having made you discover the first choices of the latest drafts and the drafts that have revolutionized franchises, make way for bargains! 7 rounds and nearly 200 players selected, an NFL draft is a very long time! And if most university stars leave very quickly, there are bound to be more unknown talents at the end of the draft. We therefore offer you a Top 10 of the best deals of the last ten years. From the sulphurous Antonio Brown, to quarterbacks Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson, not to mention “the legion of boom”, discover this ranking with us.

1. The Legion Of Boom!

Kam Chancellor (S, Seattle Seahawks): Draft 2010, 5th tower, 130th position / Richard Sherman (CB, Seattle Seahawks): Draft 2011, 5th tower, 154th position

Seattle executives could write a handbook for other NFL franchises: « How to build one of the best defenses in the league with 5th draft rounds? »Like the Brady / Edelman duo which was built with a 6th and a 7th draft round in the 2010s, the Seattle leaders achieved the feat of building a formidable defense with « small » draft rounds!

And this defense is obviously the famous “Legion of Boom”. For several years the Seahawks rearguard ruled terror in the NFL. We will especially remember the victory at Superbowl XLVIII during the 2013 season. The masterpiece of this defense which conceded only eight points when it faced the Broncos of Payton Manning, a real offensive machine.

If Earl Thomas was chosen in the first round of the 2010 draft, the two other legendary members of this defense, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman, are therefore 5th draft rounds! And despite only one title on the clock, the “Legion of Boom” will go down in NFL history. It is therefore impossible to separate these two draft choices at the top of our ranking.

2. Antonio Brown, talent before madness

Antonio Brown (WR, Pittsburgh Steelers): Draft 2010, 6th tower, 195th position

If he has recently been talked about off the field, Antonio Brown was first known as one of the best receivers in the league. In nine seasons in the Steelers jersey, he has nearly passed 1,000 yards each time. He even approached the mythical 2000 yard bar in 2015 with 1834 yards.

Before going into a spin, he nevertheless took the time to dominate the league in the number of touchdowns with 18 units during the 2018 season. He left Pittsburgh (and the NFL…) with 74 touchdowns scored and four selections in the team NFL guy. He has also just been elected to the typical team of the decade. Not bad for a 6th draft round, which was not until the 22th receiver to be selected in this draft! And if the story ended badly on the Pittsburgh side, it is certainly one of the best moves of the last ten years.

3. Tyreek Hill, a dragster in Kansas

Tyreek Hill (WR, Kansas City Chiefs): Draft 2016, 5th tower, 165th position

One of the best current receivers in the NFL is therefore a 5th draft round! A true dragster but measuring only 1m78, Tyreek Hill has had a special university career. After a complicated season at Oklahoma State, due to legal troubles, he landed in small West Alabama college in college D2. This is obviously not the perfect route to go to the NFL …

Yes but here it is, Kansas City flashed on the speed of the boy, Junior world champion of the 4x100m in 2012 and who posted a record in 100m at 10s19! First used on kick returns, Tyreek Hill quickly proved that in addition to his speed, he also has excellent hands. Author of a good season for his second year in the league, he exploded with the arrival of Pat Mahomes at the helm of the Chiefs (1,479 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2018). His speed and the precision of Mahomes passes quickly become a devastating weapon. Thanks to this duo, the Chiefs have just won the last Superbowl. And we are only at the beginning of the story!

4. Russell Wilson, the missing piece of the puzzle

Russell Wilson (QB, Seattle Sehawks): Draft 2012, 3th tower, 75th position

He is the only player in this ranking chosen in 3th tower. For a quarterback of this level it remains one of the best draft picks of the past ten years. Due to his small size, Russell Wilson is only the sixth quarterback to be selected. The Browns with Brandon Weeden or the Broncos with Brock Osweiler must regret being missing out on this “little quarterback”.

After building up an excellent defense, the Seattle leaders are therefore adding the missing piece of the puzzle: a quarterback. Holder from week 1, he brings his team to the playoffs during his rookie season. The following year is even better! With Wilson at the helm and the famous « Legion of Boom », Seattle wins the first title in its history! If since then, there has been no other title for Seattle, Russell Wilson remains one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the NFL and his team plays the playoffs almost every year.

Russell Wilson holds up the only trophy in Seahawks history! (photo credit: Forbes)

5. George Kittle, the tight-end with the silver hands

George Kittle (TE, San Francisco 49ers): Draft 2017, 5th tower, 146th position

Of course, tight-ends are not the most popular position during the draft, but wait until the 5thth turn to see the selection of one of the best players in the league to his post is very surprising. Especially since that year, three tight-ends are chosen in the first round and eight are chosen before Georges Kittle. The good deal is therefore for San Fransisco!

In the first season, Kittle is mostly used to poke holes for the racing game. But it quickly turns into a real offensive weapon in its second season. With 1377 yards at reception, he simply beats the record for yards in a season for a tight-end. In just three seasons, he’s now considered the best tight-end in the NFL, along with Travis Kelce. What to give regret to a lot of franchise.

6. Dak Prescott makes Texas dance

Dak Prescott (QB, Dallas Cowboys): Draft 2016, 4th tower, 135th position

The Cowboys waited patiently for the 4th turn to select a successor to Tony Romo. Before that, seven quarterbacks will be selected and Prescott’s choice is therefore a default choice …

Finally, a new injury to Romo, launches the young quarterback in the bath earlier than expected. Effective from the start, Prescott had a great season and was even voted “offensive rookie of the year”. It’s good Dallas has found its quarterback! If collectively the results have been average for several years, the Cowboys still made a very good deal with this 4th tower. And Prescott’s Texas lease is not about to end!

7. Geno Atkins, the good shot of the Bengals

Geno Atkins (DT, Cincinnati Bengals): Draft 2010, 4th tower, 120th position

He is one of the most dominant players of the decade and yet he was chosen in the 4th ride by the Bengals. We give you the number of defensive linemen selected before him during this draft… Always present in the NFL and under the same colors, he impresses especially by his consistency. In ten seasons under the colors of Cincinnati, he participated nine times in the Pro Bowl!

Another highlight is that he has just been elected to the NFL’s Team of the Decade for his post. Yet 119 players were selected before him in 2010. If the Bengals are not necessarily the kings of the draft, that of Atkins is a masterstroke!

Geno Atkins, rare satisfaction of the Bengals in recent years. (photo credit:

8. Jason Kelce, Philly Centerpiece

Jason Kelce (C, Philadelphia Eagles): 2011 Draft, 6th tower, 191th position

Philadelphia waited for the 6th tour and 191th choice to choose a center that will become one of the best in the league. Holder from the start of his rookie season in 2011, Travis’s brother has not left the team since (apart from due to a knee injury in 2012). An essential part of the 2017 title, he has also just been elected for the third time in a row, by the NFL, to the typical team of the year. He is now 32 years old but like good wine Jason Kelce seems to get better with age.

9. Latavius ​​Murray, the wall breaker

Latavius ​​Murray (RB, Oakland Raiders): Draft 2013, 6th tower, 181th position

He’s not the best player in this ranking but for a sixth round, it’s still a very good deal! Author of a correct rookie season, he especially exploded in his second season (2015) with 1066 yards on the ground. He also scored 12 touchdowns in 2016.

Transferred since to Minnesota then to New Orleans last season, he remains a solid rider who can be of great service! This is not necessarily the case for the 14 riders selected before him in this draft.

Latavius ​​Murray on his NFL debut. (photo credit: Fox News)

10. Za’Darius Smith, the rising “pass rusher”

Za’Darius Smith (LB, Baltimore Ravens): Draft 2015, 4th tower, 122th position

Replacing his NFL debut in Baltimore, Kentucky’s former “pass rusher” has since taken an increasingly important place in the Ravens’ imposing defense.

Transferred to Green Bay at the start of last season, he took on a new dimension by becoming an indisputable holder and by scoring 13.5 sacks in 2019. He is one of the players of the future in this position!

Every year, we can expect to find rare gems at the end of the draft! Even if it is a bit early to judge, Gardner Minshew, Maxx Crosby or Tony Pollard could be the next players to enter the bargain ranking! And this year, who will be the star of the final rounds?

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