the Leek XV wins at the end of the suspense and relaunches in the Six Nations Tournament

Life is a series of choices. The same as a rugby match, after all. Saturday, February 12, at random from the tens of thousands of choices in a rugby match, the Welsh had two decisive choices to make. Attempt a penalty and get three points or play a penalty to give yourself a chance to score a try.

Twice and at decisive moments, the Welsh, Dan Biggar in the lead, made the choice of audacity. A first time around half an hour of play, after a successful start to the Welsh match, a week after a demolition session suffered in Ireland.

Wales saw Scotland return to their mirrors for a few minutes and, even led (6-11), decided not to try the three points available to them. On the key that follows, the game times are linked. In a restrictive but oh so effective style of play, the Welsh are reassured. It is finally the right pillar, Francis, who escapes to register the first Welsh try. The first poker move succeeds, too.

Thanks to this achievement, Wayne Pivac’s men pick up the score and return to the locker room having let the storm pass.

On a last offensive sequence from Scotland, Wales pushed the visitors back more than 20 meters to recover the ball.  And on a superb counter-ruck, the Welsh push the Scots to the fault and offer themselves a 20-17 victory in front of their public!

The second time the Welsh got their brains hotter than usual also happened at the end of the half. After a first choice of reason. Touched and almost on one leg, Dan Biggar has just missed a distant penalty. But in his bad luck, the striker with the macarenesque choreography, sees the Scots badly negotiating the reception of the ball then put at fault by Finn Russell. So re-belote, penalty or penaltouch? Reason or audacity? It will be daring. Then finally the reason.

A touch and long playing time later, the audacity is there, Dan Biggar slams a drop to allow his team to finally take the advantage. This is where reason operates. In numerical superiority, the remaining ten minutes have, of course, left some shivers in the backs of the leek players. But the hardest part had been done before.

After their rout against Ireland (7-29) on February 5, the men of Wayne Pivac revive. They will host England on February 26 in their next game. For their part, the Scots will receive the French.

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