The league updates its Power Ranking, a new humiliation for the Lakers!

In the turmoil on the floors, the Lakers are clearly not at their best for this 2021-22 season. And it begins to be felt at the level of their status… The last Power Ranking of the NBA is indeed the equivalent of a slap in the face for the Purple and Gold!

Times are tough for the Lakers, who just can’t take off despite a five-star squad. More recently, it was the Bulls who literally stepped on them in a one-sided encounter (121-103, summary here). As a result, they are still only seventh in the West, which equates to another participation in the Play-In-Tournament. We are far from the title ambitions displayed during the summer …

Bad news rarely arriving alone, the Purple and Gold also see their rating drop with the league, not really convinced by what they offer since the return of competition. The best way to realize this is the Power Ranking, a regularly updated ranking of teams by the NBA. The news fell recently: still present in the last update, Los Angeles is now out of the Top 10.

A hell of a snub for Californians, even if that must be the least of their worries now. This fall, however, shows how much their case is currently worrying. Between LeBron James’ injury and the difficult integration of Russell westbrook, mayonnaise does not take in the City of Angels. However, this poor form benefits other teams, who seized the opportunity to showcase themselves.

The Lakers absent from the Top 10 of the Power Ranking of the NBA

Some of the best examples include the Bulls and Wizards, which are two big surprises at the top of the East. Washington has recovered surprisingly well from Westbrook’s departure, and currently sits on the conference throne. As for the men of Chicago, led by their trio DeRozan-LaVine-Ball, they unroll a seductive basketball every night, establishing themselves as one of the most exciting teams in the league offensively.

For the rest not much unusual, even if we can mention the presence of Cleveland (7ᵉ). Holders of the best record in the league, the Warriors (11-2) have been on the go since mid-October and do not appear to be slowing down. Brooklyn also seems to have accelerated, being tied with Chi-Town in the East. However, we must not forget that this Top 10 is set to change a lot over the months.

Now absent from the upper echelons of the Power Ranking, the Lakers know what remains to be done: winning matches. Unfortunately, this is anything but obvious at the moment …

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