The league is officially justified on the non-suspension of LeBron!

While attending a party shortly before his first game against the Suns, LeBron James broke health rules. Still, the NBA did not decide to punish him, creating confusion. The league has spoken on the subject, with a questionable argument.

While the Lakers challenge the Suns during this first round of the playoffs, should LeBron James be present for Game 1? For many, the answer is no, since he broke league rules by surrendering at a party with Drake in particular. A dangerous move, which led to sanctions against James Harden at the start of the campaign.

Suspension? Fine? We thought that the NBA would punish the King, but it is ultimately not. One of the reasons mentioned? No danger at the party, and the covid was unable to spread, allowing LeBron to retain his place and not jeopardize his meeting with Phoenix.

A shaky explanation, which the NBA tried to justify on Monday in a press release:

LeBron briefly attended an outdoor event where attendees were to be vaccinated or come up with a negative test. With these circumstances and with the consultation of medical experts, we determined that this did not create a risk for the spread of the virus and that a quarantine was not necessary.

Under current health rules, vaccinated players have the right to engage in outside activities such as commercial affairs, with sponsors or advertisements.

The problem is, the last part of this release is bogus. The players remain limited regarding their outings and the players are still discussing in order to lighten the protocol. Plus, it’s official that LeBron broke the rules, and going to a party was clearly not a mere event for a sponsor. Finally, even Adrian Wojnarowski went there for his comment, implying that LeBron is not vaccinated according to the latest echoes.

« With the current health rules, vaccinated players have the right to have outdoor activities »

The non-suspension of LeBron James is still talking, and the NBA has not just arranged this soap opera. It is clear that the league did not want to suspend the star for obvious reasons, and today seeks to cover itself with questionable apologies. This story is not yet over.

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