The last votes for the All-Star known, more disrespect for Gobert!

Like every Thursday, the NBA has just unveiled the ranking of votes for the All-Star Game. There are still a few surprises, including a huge disappointment for Rudy Gobert. Getting back to the top is clearly an impossible mission now.

A few weeks before the All-Star Game, the fans are there to send their favorite player to Cleveland, for a meeting that still promises to be explosive. A new point has just been unveiled this Thursday, with surprises in store.

Rudy Gobert shunned by fans for the All-Star Game

In the lead, Steph Curry with 4,463,426 votes in the West, just ahead LeBron James and its 4,386,392 votes. By the end with the final sprint, it is widely possible that the King will come back in front, even if it will be necessary to count on the support of the fans. In the East, as you can see, Kevin Durant (4,088,334) and DeMar DeRozan (2,973,854) are leading the way.

A great reward for the rear of the Bulls, who is having a great season with Chicago, and who surpasses Trae Young, or even James Harden, which is surprising for a player of his caliber. A real surprise, especially since the Barbu has been very good in recent weeks, but his rating is not fantastic.

Another thing to note is the fall of Rudy Gobert, who is only 9th in the West with 419,853 votes. We find him behind Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Davis or Carmelo Anthony. Same scenario for his teammate Donovan Mitchell, only 8th on the side of the guards.

We can also talk about Ja Morant’s second place in the West, which rewards his great performances with the Grizzlies this season. The leader will be part of the ASG if all goes well, and we can not say that it is stolen. He even has the luxury of doing better than Luka Doncic.

Rudy Gobert at the All-Star Game? It’s far from over, but he should have his chance off the bench. We are still waiting to find out who will be the captains, with possible surprises in the final rush. Nothing is done.

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