The Lakers revolutionary 5 last night

Winner of the Pacers, the Lakers may have returned to the saddle in this 2021-22 season. For this, they have tried absolutely everything to secure the end result! Even if it means using a rather incongruous formation at the end of the meeting.

It’s official, the Lakers still know how to win crucial games. Defeated by New York the night before, the Angelinos rebounded with a 124-116 victory after extra time against the Pacers (summary here). Back after his altercation with the Pistons, Lebron james was notably royal with 39 points, helping his own to muzzle Indiana in overtime (12-4).

A very important win for Californians, especially since they once again had to do without one of their superstars. If the King was back after his abdominal injury and suspension, it was Anthony Davis who was missing this time. The interior was sick, leaving the Red and Gold racquet orphaned from its best element. Not practical, when you have to go rub shoulders with Domantas Sabonis and other Myles Turner …

Malik Monk and Wayne Ellington in the 5 to finish the match

As a result, coach Frank Vogel had to play magician throughout the game, using every conceivable ploy to adapt his line-ups to the situation at hand. Even if it means daring enough WTF training! At the end of the fourth quarter and then during extra time, he relied on a rather particular major five. Exit the incumbents Talent Horton-Tucker, Avery Bradley and DeAndre Jordan, hello to three replacements for almost the entire period mentioned:

An alignment to say the least absurd, especially since the Chosen One played both the roles of playmaker in attack and … pivot, on the other side of the field. Not necessarily something he’s used to! As he revealed after the meeting, however, the experience appears to have been far from unpleasant. On the contrary, it could have allowed him to guide his teammates in defense, and this with some success:

I am able to announce all the covers before the teams even get started… it allowed us to make a few stops.

Anything is good to win a match, especially when you’re desperate. Fortunately for the Lakers, the poker game was a winner. An encouraging sign on the tactical level for Frank Vogel and his coaching staff.

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