The Lakers ready to sign a reputable point guard!

It’s no secret the Lakers aren’t happy with Russell Westbrook and want to find a replacement for him. They would also think of a free agent who knows the house well … and who had caused quite a controversy at home last summer.

A year after his arrival, Russell Westbrook is officially persona non grata at the Lakers. Nothing worked out with the superstar, and the franchise paid the price with a disastrous season. The easiest way to repair the damage would therefore be to replace him, if possible by sending him elsewhere for an exchange of a high-caliber player. The Californians gave it a shot with Kyrie Irvingbut that only resulted in a depressing flop for them.

Suddenly, for lack of anything better, the Purples and Golds are now aiming for slightly more modest targets… even if it means having to keep the Brodie. According to the famous insider Marc Stein, the free agent Dennis Schröder would notably be on their shelves. The latter has the advantage of knowing the house, since he played there in 2020-21 with more than 15 points on average. If his departure had been at least highly publicized because of his financial demands, a meeting would now be considered:

Dennis Schröder targeted by the Lakers?

Re-signing free agent guard Dennis Schröder is a « legitimate consideration » for the Lakers, according to league sources, based on how the rest of their roster evolves.

Remember, this is the same player who had refused an extension of 80 million over four years, believing that he deserved more. Except that afterwards, he only found himself with a one-year and six million lease in Boston, before being traded to the Rockets and then cut by the Texans. Quite a lesson in humility for the German… Could he come back with his tail between his legs? Possible, and fans wouldn’t necessarily say no to it after RW’s failure. The irony of the situation is however palpable:

Me speaking to Dennis after a year of Russ: “Maybe I treated you too harshly”

I love it when the Lakers consider signing guys from the ‘former players our fans want to send death threats to’ list.

A year after his extraordinary departure from the Lakers, Dennis Schröder could therefore well have the right to a contract offer from the Purples and Golds. If he had to accept it, we hope that he will have learned the lesson this time…

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