The Lakers on the trail… of one of their undesirables?!

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka may have told a big lie about franchise superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the sidelines of the trade deadline

Los Angeles Lakers (DR) / NBA (DR)

Not necessarily very inspired since the start of the offseason, the Lakers continue to explore the market in search of ideal recruits. They could well have unearthed one… which they nevertheless pushed out only a few months ago!

To say their offseason is at a standstill would be an understatement. After a slight bustle at the opening of free agency, the Lakers have clearly slowed the pace when it comes to market moves in recent weeks. Still stuck with Russell Westbrook’s contract, they must therefore consider recruiting at low cost, which sometimes gives rise to crazy rumours.

Upcoming meeting between the Lakers and… Dennis Schröder?!

Since the start of the summer, the Lakers have been working on the return of several former members of the house. This is how Damian Jones and Thomas Bryant returned to the workforce as free agents. Another ex-Angelino could follow this trajectory, and this, after having left the team through the back door a year ago. Indeed, according to Marc Stein, Dennis Schröder would be one of the targets established by Rob Pelinka!

League sources indicate that re-signing fullback Dennis Schröder, free of any contract, would be among the “concrete avenues” studied by the Lakers, depending on how the rest of the roster will be articulated in the weeks to come. come. After a season with the Lakers, Schröder played for Boston and Houston in 2021-22.

After turning down an $84 million contract offer from Purple & Gold during the 2020-21 season, Schröder had to settle for a simple mid-level exception offered by Boston a few months later. Now free and uncoveted across the league, the German leader would therefore find himself on the shelves of LA A news that intrigues some fans of the franchise, but which disgusts others!

Pfft I can’t take it anymore

After suffering his incredible snob a little less than two years ago, will the Lakers manage to get their hands on Dennis Schröder for a pittance? The front office would work in any case for this, which is likely to make talk in Los Angeles!

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