The Lakers on the trail of an ideal All-Star to replace Westbrook!

Barring surprise, or disappointment in the market, the Lakers should get rid of Russell Westbrook soon. Rob Pelinka is trying to find a replacement for him, and a name deemed ideal by many has just popped up on Twitter. But is it really feasible? Let’s say there are downsides as well.

After Patrick Beverley, the Lakers should still look for a few recruits on the market. A defender can be recruited, but he figures that a three-point shooter would do no harm in the City of Angels, especially to replace Russell Westbrook. The name of Buddy Hield has been mentioned several times, but impossible to find an agreement with the Pacers, for the moment at least.

Fortunately, Donovan Mitchell’s trade helped shake things up a bit. Discussions will resume in the coming days / weeks, to find an agreement before the training camp, which will begin on September 27. The goal for the Angelinos? That Westbrook left on that date. It is not yet known against whom, but another name has just appeared on the market.

Trade to come for the Lakers and the Jazz?

The Lakers have some interest in tradeable Jazz veterans (Conley, Clarkson and Bogdanovic). But the Lakers also want to maintain their course for next year and do not want to take contracts that go beyond the 2022/23 season. Bogdanovic has an expiring contract.

The Jazz veterans will be traded soon, and it’s clear the Lakers won’t be far behind trying to sign them. For Internet users, Conley would be the perfect replacement for Westbrook, especially given his profile.

After all, the point guard is known for his professionalism, as well as his ability to defend and punish from long range. He’s the kind of player needed at the Pourpre et Or to win, but his problem is that his contract runs for several seasons.

There will be some talk of a Westbrook/First Round swap for Conley, but his deal runs until 2023/24 and is partially guaranteed. Clarkson has a player option for 2023/24.

Mike Conley versus Russell Westbrook? On paper, the deal is obvious. The former Grizzlies player is a player who fits the Angelinos’ needs much more, but his contract could be a problem. What is certain is that Lakers and Jazz will discuss this month of September.

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