« The Lakers of 2021-22 could be the best team in history »

Armed with a superteam, the Lakers are clearly one of the title favorites this season. The potential of the Angelinos seems monstrous… According to a quadruple champion and ex-teammate of Michael Jordan, they could even reach unparalleled heights in the NBA!

They already had Lebron james and Anthony davis, but it wasn’t enough for the Lakers. The front office was therefore very strong this summer, by bringing in a plethora of big names in the City of Angels: Russell westbrook, DeAndre Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard… It’s hard to find a player who hasn’t been All-Star at least once!

An impressive armada therefore, and which can achieve very great things in the eyes of many observers. Asked recently about the Purple and Gold, John Salley was in any case particularly dithyrambic. According to the ex-Piston, who also won a ring with the Lakers from Shaq and Kobe, LeBron & co. could simply sign an all-time season!

If they stay healthy… Their thing should be, “Hey guys, we gotta win 74 games this year. Then they will go down in history. Better than Golden State, better than Chicago in 96, the best team ever. The problem with the Warriors is that they won 73 games but lost in the final. If the Lakers win the same number of games and win the finals, they’ll be the greatest team ever.

Do better than the 2015-16 Warriors and the Bulls of Jordan, Pippen and Dennis rodman, this is a performance that will indeed be impressive. Still, Salley is certainly getting a little too carried away about this. Winning so many matches remains an extremely rare feat, and with such a strong Western Conference, losing less than ten games seems almost impossible.

On top of that, dominating so much in the regular season is certainly not the primary goal for Frank Vogel’s men. Home advantage in the playoffs? It already seems more likely, but the Angelinos certainly expect to arrive in form when it comes to the playoffs. Burning yourself out trying to win more than 70 matches therefore seems like a bad idea …

According to John Salley, the Lakers therefore have what it takes to become the best team in history this year. With the pressure on their shoulders, they might not have a choice if they don’t want to be called a resounding failure!

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