The Lakers’ New Market Target Revealed!

In just a few days, the trading market will be racing with many rumors. The Lakers could attempt a move, with a new target revealed!

With a 13-12 record, including a victory against the Celtics on Tuesday night, the Lakers are doing better. It is not yet madness, but we feel that progress is there. Lebron james hit with a new game at 30 points, while Russell Westbrook seems more and more comfortable in his role: ideal for the sequel, with fans who dream of the title.

However, the problems are far from over. If the defeats are back, it won’t be impossible to see the front office take action. This means signatures by the deadline of next February, or trades. In this game, Rob Pelinka is monitoring the Pacers’ situation.

Trade coming to the Lakers?

Indiana let it go, with a record of 10-16. The franchise understood that the current roster could not do anything, and therefore decided to bring its best elements to the market. We are talking about 3 players, but others are likely to leave in the event of a good offer. Like Jeremy Lamb for example?

According to journalist J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star, the winger has been of interest to the Lakers, and has been for some time:

With Chris Duarte’s draft, there is no room for Lamb. He’s in the last year of his 3-year contract and he’s paid over $ 10 million. According to sources, 4 teams have an interest in him, including the Lakers and the Hornets.

Lamb is 7.3 points and 2.6 rebounds per game this season, over 39% shooting. A slight contribution, which is explained by a low playing time. The Angelinos are on the spot, whether through a trade or a buyout. But for that, it will probably be necessary to wait until next February.

Remember that the Lakers would not say no to some reinforcements, since Kendrick Nunn is forfeited for several weeks, just like Trevor Ariza. The bench is fair, which suggests that Pelinka will soon take action.

With an overall failed start, the Lakers will undoubtedly try to strengthen, and the wing is a first track with Jeremy Lamb. Anything is possible in the coming months, with movement in sight in the City of Angels!

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