“The Lakers need to fine Westbrook as soon as he does this”

In difficulty since the start of the season, Russell Westbrook is under fire from critics with his performances. The leader does not succeed, to the point that Kendrick Perkins demands sanctions against him. In question ? A shot that the Laker can no longer manage to master.

If we had to designate a player for the Lakers’ failed start to the season, Russell Westbrook would no doubt be chosen by many. If his statistics are interesting, the impact of the leader is relatively weak, and far from expectations. He does not shine in defense, and his clumsiness shows more and more in attack.

It’s a fact, the former Wizard is far from providing full satisfaction to his team, even if no one wants to let go. The players will support him, until a possible trade, but highly unlikely with a contract that will climb to more than 45 million next year.

The shot that Russell Westbrook no longer masters

Symbol of Westbrook’s failure since the start of the season, his « bank shot », namely a shot that makes a string with the help of the board. Few players still use it, but Russ is one of them…and that’s not necessarily good news. Kendrick Perkins, dissatisfied with the player, even wants to punish him each time he uses it.

The Lakers should penalize Russ every time he attempts a bank shot!

A sanction ? Obviously, this is not on the program. However, and if his failures continue, Westbrook could be brought to order by Frank Vogel. In any case, a compilation is already running on twitter and it is more than two minutes long:

Russell Westbrook and the bank shot? A marriage that does not work this season. The leader must use his forces if he aspires to reverse the trend. Otherwise, the criticism will continue, until a possible trade.

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