The Lakers in discussion for a trade in the West!

As the recovery approaches, the Lakers still hope to find a trade in order to offer better means to Darvin Ham. Rob Pelinka chats with executives, including the Jazz, seller in the market. The Athletic have just confirmed talks for a possible deal, but let’s say the latter is quite a ways off. Nothing is decided at this stage.

Determined to win the title for this new season, the Lakers have not finished recruiting on the market. Rob Pelinka is still looking for another player to help LeBron James and company, but let’s just say the market isn’t very kind right now. The Pacers do not want to find an agreement, while talks with the Jazz are not easy.

Bad news for the Lakers and the Jazz?

However, a deal with Danny Ainge’s franchise seems like the only viable option at the moment, especially with limited assets. It is not yet known if Russell Westbrook will be part of the deal, but it is unlikely as things stand. Tony Jones, journalist at The Athletic, has just given an update on the Jazz. Discussions are ongoing, but remain complex.

Sources have confirmed that the interest is very high for Bojan Bodganovic. However, the Jazz does not seem close to a trade allowing it to recover new assets in order to consolidate this roster, even if discussions with the Lakers are currently underway. The moves may not see the light of day until the start of training camp, or by the deadline next February.

A confirmation that the Angelinos are on the Bogdanovic case, which makes many franchises dizzy. After all, we are talking about a player with more than 18 points on average, which also means that the consideration must be significant. Ainge understood this by asking for certain assets against the veteran, a price that could quickly exceed the means available to the Pourpre et Or.

Bogdanovic, Beasley or Vanderbilt against Russ, a first round pick and two second rounds.

Lakers and Jazz discuss long before the recovery, but that certainly does not mean that an agreement is close, quite the contrary. Danny Ainge wants many assets in return, which may complicate discussions about this trade. The next week will be crucial.

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