The Lakers’ huge plan to… attract Kyrie Irving!

With Kevin Durant’s decision to stay at brooklyn then the arrival of Patrick Beverley in Los Angeles, the chances of seeing Kyrie Irving land at the Lakers are non-existent… However, in the franchise, some leaders are still dreaming of a plan to attract Uncle Drew!

Rather discreet this summer, the Lakers returned to the fore this Thursday by mounting an unexpected trade for Patrick Beverley. A decision that caused a big wave of reactions, already from the leader, who is excited to play with LeBron James, but also from the fans. Outside the borders of the City of Angels, there were many mockeries:

The disappointment Lakers fans had in thinking of getting Kyrie back, but finally welcoming Patrick Beverley is hilarious.

The Lakers still dream of Kyrie Irving!

A few weeks ago, when chaos reigned over Brooklyn and the Nets, Rob Pelinka’s ideal plan was to trade Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving, in order to reconstitute one of the iconic NBA duos of the 2010s. But while the probability of such an exchange is today close to 0, some do not lose hope. This is explained by Alex Schiffer of The Athletic in his podcast:

When you talk to people at the Lakers, they are really convinced that Kyrie Irving will sign with them next season. I wonder, if the Nets season doesn’t go to plan, Kyrie could become a temporary asset to a team chasing the title. Would the Lakers make sure to recover it at this time?

Kyrie Irving activated his option this summer, but in a year he will be officially a free agent and able to commit to the franchise of his choice. On the side of the leaders of the Lakers, we obviously think we can attract him at this time, and realize the dream of associating him once again with LeBron James. A hypothesis all the more credible that Russell Westbrook will also be a free agent, which will release nearly 50 million dollars in salary.

But if the plan is ambitious, it will probably depend on the season of the Nets and the agreement between the point guard and Kevin Durant. On paper, Brooklyn has one of the most terrifying squads in history, with talent and experience in all positions, and if mayonnaise finally takes, Steve Nash’s men will be hard to beat on the road to the title. If collective success is there, Uncle Drew will have no reason to leave.

All season, the leaders of the Lakers will hope to see the Nets collapse, in order to potentially recover Kyrie Irving at the deadline, or the summer next during free agency. The rumors are not going to stop anytime soon in this case.

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