The Lakers have already decided the future of Andre Drummond!

Arrived during the year in the City of Angels, Andre Drummond still struggles to convince. Despite this, the Lakers have already made a decision about him, something to interest fans of the franchise.

After a short year on the Cavaliers side, Andre Drummond was released last February. The pivot, author of 14.9 points and 12 rebounds on average this season, was unsurprisingly a highly coveted player in the market. It was ultimately the Lakers who had his favors, them who badly needed a Big Man in the absence of LeBron James and Anthony Davis at this time.

The rest of the story ? It is mixed. Drummond was injured and missed a few meetings, but he especially never managed to fully convince the franchise. His contribution remains inconsistent and even worse, his agreement with Davis is close to nothing.

Even if the figures are no longer relevant, a journalist had confirmed the fiasco of this duo a few weeks ago and since then nothing has improved. Drummond plays 20 minutes on average in the playoffs, for 9.5 points. His impact is limited, to the point of wondering if the Lakers will keep him beyond this season.

We know more precisely, while the playoffs are still far from over. Even if an elimination is possible against the Suns, and the limited performance of Drummond, the Angelinos would have already made a choice regarding the pivot. ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin provides the update.

The Lakers are fully committed to Andre Drummond being a starter, and getting a certain number of minutes. This is something important for him, and also for the Lakers, who have already warned: “this is not a simple signing in the middle of the season, Andre Drummond is part of the future of the franchise. « 

Despite his overall failed services, the former Piston should therefore remain at the Lakers and extend his contract this summer. News that may not please everyone, but the Purple and Gold are convinced that the pivot can work wonders.

Andre Drummond has left to stay in Los Angeles for the long haul, and is therefore expected to strike a deal on a new Lakers contract. Not sure this news is here welcome to the fans, as the pivot does not convince.

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