The Lakers doubled down on a boiling hot case?!

The Lakers know it, they will have to rebuild rapidly to allow LeBron James to return to the title race next season. They already have several targets, but they are not the only ones on them. They could be overtaken by a rival on a boiling file.

As he watches the playoffs from the comfort of his living room, LeBron James let his frustration out on social media and he made a huge promise to all his fans. But to be able to hold it, he will need the help of his leaders, who must build a competitive team in the coming months, with clever exchanges and clever signings during free agency.

The first step in the expected express reconstruction in Los Angeles will be to make a choice about the future of Russell Westbrook. The point guard is expected to earn more than $40 million, which is disproportionate to his production on the field. According to the latest information from California, a decision would have been made internallyall that remains is to make it happen.

Mark Jackson intercepted by the Kings?

And the other hot issue, beyond the quality of the workforce, is that of the coach. Since the departure of Frank Vogel, Rob Pelinka has been looking for a tactician who will be able to get the most out of an aging but talented group. Who will succeed in imposing a defensive leg on Los Angeles, an area too often neglected this season? A name came up with insistence, but the Purple and Gold could be doubled.

Former Warriors coach Mark Jackson is set to interview for the Kings vacancy.

For several weeks, the name of Mark Jackson has been coming back with insistence to the Lakers, he who has an ideal profile to put this team afloat. As a reminder, he is the man behind the explosion of Stephen Curry and Warriors, so he knows exactly how to make superstars shine. And when you see what he did with Draymond Green, imagine him working with Anthony Davisalso a great defender, is enticing.

The concern is that the former pastor might prefer the Kings project, which is much more vague but which is close to what he likes, to develop young people. With De’Aaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis or Davion Mitchell, he would have a solid base and not very high expectations, enough to put his project in place without the slightest pressure. Mark Jackson is courted, and he should commit to California. It remains to be seen in which franchise.

After several years spent away from the NBA benches, Mark Jackson is very courted and should not miss offers. He has the rating in California, and he will have to choose between an experienced group that expects results, or a young group with which he will have time.

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