« The Lakers could decide to sign him today »

Rather in verve during the first hours of the free agency, the Lakers hope to continue their momentum on Tuesday. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the leaders of Angelinos would thus consider registering a new signing very quickly, and not the least.

Admittedly, the departure of Alex Caruso has severely bruised a large fringe of the franchise fanbase. For the rest, the movements made by the Lakers during the first moments of free agency have at least the merit of intriguing. In order to rebuild the workforce, only made up of 5 players so far, the front office has decided to call on the elders of the house, ready to make some financial sacrifices to find LA.

Have thus landed since midnight Trevor Ariza, Wayne Ellington, Dwight Howard and Kent Bazemore, all already passed in the ranks of Purple & Gold during their careers. Now equipped with 9 elements, the roster logically requires a few more arrivals. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the leaders are obviously active in this direction, and could well get their hands on a long-standing target, with a rare pedigree in the current market.

Another player the Lakers are trying to sign and who they could decide on today: Carmelo Anthony.

Already eager to attract Melo to the City of Angels last summer, the Lakers could finally take the plunge, and offer him a minimum veteran contract that he should accept.

At 37, the former Knicks star still has a reputation as a formidable scorer off the bench. This label, which he obtained following his signing with the Blazers, apparently attracts the attention of Rob Pelinka and his assistants. His long-standing friendship with Lebron james, well known within the NBA community, must moreover push them to accelerate in this file.

However, the supporters of the team cannot help but question the real benefits of this potential signing. Despite his obvious offensive qualities, Carmelo remains a handicap defensively. However, the 2020 champions have precisely built their victorious course in the playoffs via an iron defense. The question of fit therefore has every reason to be asked.

Anyway, the Lakers do keep Carmelo Anthony on their radar, and obviously hope to complete his arrival in the next few hours. LeBron must be gloating.

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