The Lakers compete with 4 other franchises on a player!

Despite the arrival of Patrick Beverley, the Lakers hope to recruit at least one more name before the resumption, in order to give themselves the best chance for the title. That’s good, the Jazz is selling with some veterans on the start. But watch out for the Angelinos, because the competition is already snapping up the same target.

With a few weeks to go, the franchises are beginning to finalize the final movements of their roster. The Warriors just signed someone again, an old Clippers more precisely, in order to have an ideal workforce for the start of the regular season. The Angelinos are in a similar situation, with the recent arrival of Patrick Beverley to boost the point guard position.

Only here, the former Wolves player is not the last recruit in Los Angeles. The Athletic have confirmed several times that Rob Pelinka wants at least one new signing ahead of training camp, which begins September 27 in the City of Angels. Russell Westbrook could be involved, or not at all, depending on the suitors’ interest.

A new target on the Lakers’ radar?

If a franchise is to strengthen in the coming weeks, there is no doubt that it must look insistently at the Jazz. After the departures of Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert or even Royce O’Neale, it’s time to clean up the workforce. There are still several names to recruit, such as Bojan Bodganovic, Jordan Clarkson or Mike Conley. Three valuable players, and the Lakers have made their choice.

According to the latest information from Brett Siegel, who works for Sports Illustrated, the Purple and Gold are actively seeking to bring Clarkson home. No agreement yet on this level, but the 6th man is unlikely to stay long in Salt Lake City:

Clarkson has generated the most interest in the league with the Grizzlies, Bucks, Kings and Raptors interested. The Lakers have also been cited as a potential destination, he who started his career there.

A return home? We imagine that Clarkson is not against this idea. It remains to be seen the price, and whether the Angelinos can find an agreement with Danny Ainge, not known to be easy in negotiations. Whatever happens, the league expects a clean sweep at the Jazz:

With the departure of Donovan Mitchell, many in the league expect the Jazz to trade Clarkson, Bogdanovic and Conley before the next trade deadline.

The Jazz is a seller, and we imagine that discussions have already taken place with the Lakers. But a deal still seems a long way off, especially if Danny Ainge gets greedy in the talks. At least everyone will be fixed in the coming weeks.

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