The Lakers’ big hope for Westbrook, fans laugh!


Unless there is a change in the coming weeks, which is always possible, Russell Westbrook has a real chance of continuing his adventure with the Lakers. If so, Darvin Ham will bet on him, with some expectations for the point guard. Chris Haynes has just revealed one, which did not fail to amuse Internet users.

Quoted on departure for several weeks, Russell Westbrook is still a Lakers player. It’s hard to know if this will be the case when it resumes, but the front office will have to make a decision concerning him, while Darvin Ham hopes to count on him. The coach has been repeating it for a few weeks: he wants to give the player a chance, and he even has a specific plan involving him, with his shot.

Russell Westbrook soon… shooter at the Lakers?

However, we know that Brodie is not a great shooter, far from it. He relies on his athletic qualities to score in the circle, but it has not been a pure success for a few seasons. Ham therefore wants to use it differently, for example in the corner. Like a scorer, the coach hopes that Westbrook will be able to punish at three points, as revealed by Chris Haynes in his latest paper.

Lakers hope Russell Westbrook’s corner three-point percentage will see a jump

Clearly, and for some reason, the Angelinos are hoping Westbrook will get better at shooting over the summer. One can have doubts, especially since the player is not known to possess such qualities. In the comments, the critics were quick to fuse:

*don’t shoot*

He has been in the NBA for 14 seasons. If he hasn’t developed a jumpshot since then he never will

Despite a good three-point percentage last year, at least from the corner, Russell Westbrook remains an unconfident player. He hasn’t attempted a huge number of shots from behind the arc, while defenses prefer to focus on other forwards. Suffice to say that this tactic of Darvin Ham is risky.


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